An AFOL who was a long time in the making.

I received my first LEGO set when I was around 5 years old back in 1980. The set was from the now classic space series as shown below.

LEGO Space Series Set 920 from 1979.
LEGO 920 Space series released in 1979.

Fast forward 34 years later to 2014. I didn’t buy a single LEGO set in those intervening years. Then one day, at a supermarket here in Luxembourg, I noticed an iconic looking yellow LEGO train (set 7939) with 50% discount. My son was still too young at the time to assemble everything by himself, but that wasn’t going to stop me from buying such a massive looking set for €50. 6 years on and we are a number of LEGO sets into a mini collection, most of which are from the LEGO City© series with a smattering of the LEGO NINJAGO©, LEGO Minecraft©, LEGO Movie and LEGO Hidden Side© series.

Our son is the primary LEGO builder these days and I’m pretty much on the sideline as his main cheerleader. There was only one other thing left to do. Grab the camera gear, pose the Minifigs, start shooting and post a few photos to Instagram in the hope of reaching like minded individuals, like yourself.

Enjoy, AFOL!